Rundeck UI is stuck at login page not redirecting to home page in containers

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VaniDevi Lekkala

Nov 12, 2021, 10:51:49 AM11/12/21
to rundeck-discuss
Hi Team,

I have deployed rundeck in docker container.And i have given correct grail server url in and updated in as well.Also added Drundeck.jetty.connector.forwarded=true for RUNDECK_JVM .

Still facing the same issue. Can't go to home page after logged in login page..Its just stayed there only..again when i do change in the url like <https://ip/menu/home>, it is redirecting to menu home..

Below are the service logs inside the container.

[2021-11-12T15:42:42,829] INFO  rundeckapp.Application - The following profiles are active: production

Configuring Spring Security Core ...
... finished configuring Spring Security Core

[2021-11-12T15:43:20,344] WARN  beans.GenericTypeAwarePropertyDescriptor - Invalid JavaBean property 'exceptionMappings' being accessed! Ambiguous write methods found next to actually used [public void grails.plugin.springsecurity.web.authentication.AjaxAwareAuthenticationFailureHandler.setExceptionMappings(java.util.List)]: [public void]
[2021-11-12T15:43:37,009] INFO  rundeckapp.BootStrap - Starting Rundeck 3.3.2-20200817 (2020-08-17) ...
[2021-11-12T15:43:37,011] INFO  rundeckapp.BootStrap - using rdeck.base config property: /var/lib/rundeck
[2021-11-12T15:43:37,034] INFO  rundeckapp.BootStrap - loaded configuration: /etc/rundeck/
[2021-11-12T15:43:37,118] INFO  rundeckapp.BootStrap - RSS feeds disabled
[2021-11-12T15:43:37,118] INFO  rundeckapp.BootStrap - Using jaas authentication
[2021-11-12T15:43:37,127] INFO  rundeckapp.BootStrap - Preauthentication is disabled
[2021-11-12T15:43:37,354] INFO  rundeckapp.BootStrap - Rundeck is ACTIVE: executions can be run.
[2021-11-12T15:43:37,638] WARN  rundeckapp.BootStrap - [Development Mode] Usage of H2 database is recommended only for development and testing
[2021-11-12T15:43:38,044] INFO  rundeckapp.BootStrap - workflowConfigFix973: applying...
[2021-11-12T15:43:38,070] INFO  rundeckapp.BootStrap - workflowConfigFix973: No fix was needed. Storing fix application state.
[2021-11-12T15:43:38,621] INFO  rundeckapp.BootStrap - Rundeck startup finished in 1804ms
[2021-11-12T15:43:38,841] INFO  rundeckapp.Application - Started Application in 61.424 seconds (JVM running for 68.262)
Grails application running at http://localhost:4440 in environment: production

Can you please help me on that? Spent lots of time on that.Your advice definitly help me.


Nov 12, 2021, 11:58:40 AM11/12/21
to rundeck-discuss
Hi Vanidevi,

Just to discard, are you using the Chrome web browser, probably you're facing this (check this). Could you try with Firefox?

In addition, could you test with this Docker example?


Nov 12, 2021, 12:01:31 PM11/12/21
to rundeck-discuss

Also, check this docker example (and take a look at the RUNDECK_SERVER_FORWARDED env var).

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