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Jakub Mitura

Mar 11, 2020, 4:34:23 PM3/11/20
to spreadsheet
Hello I am trying to construnt quite complex formula but for now withoout success I will appriciate any help !
First some context I am trying to synchronize the sheets that stores answers from google forms with another sheets to make summary so i have for example 3 sheets synchronized with 3 diffrent forms all have column named student code (it is not named range just a value in first row). than i have created by another formula comma separeted list of the spreadsheet relecvant for the user (for example i know that student 1 is in exercise a b c so i get links of all of the spreadsheets into appropriate cell as a comma separeted String) so what i want to achieve
1) import range from each relevant spreadsheet I am trying to achieve this through formula =Arrayformula(Filter(IMPORTRANGE(SPLIT(AB2, ",", TRUE, TRUE),"'Form responses 1'!A1:Z1000"))) // but without success
2) get the first row from this tables
3)filter the row that i have a student code (the column named studCode with value of appropriate student code)
4) join rows  from all of those operations so i will hae row 1 (row with question text) to test 1 then row with students answers then row with questions to test 2  student answers to this tests ....

I would really appriciete help

I created test cases in order to help with resolution of problem 
summary spreadsheet where I want to accumulate data 

spreadsheets that mimicks data imported from forms

Zeno Davatz

Mar 12, 2020, 2:52:32 AM3/12/20
Dear Jakub

Thank you for your Mail.

Please open a github issue.

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