rubyrep replication issue on truncate and function

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Oct 10, 2013, 6:27:08 PM10/10/13
Good day,
im a beginner on replication and tried rubyrep, i have no problem on update, delete and insert data but when i truncate the whole table it seems that it does not truncate on other database. is there a configuration to make the truncate script also replicate on other server? 

also when i first startup (rubyrep replicate -c redmine.conf) the replication i got an error on rr_function which is automatically created by rubyrep, it say that:

 " Exception caught: ActiveRecord::JDBCError: ERROR: syntax error at or near ","
  Where: SQL statement in PL/PgSQL function "rr_vyess_acct" near line 5:           CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION "rr_vyess_acct"() RETURNS TRIGGER AS $change_trigger$
.......... "

 but cant find that function anywhere? in the end i just drop the table that having a trouble verifing the rr_function, which is not supposed to be, i want to first check replication but i need all the table in that database to be replicated is there also a way to check this out?  

Thank you so much. 
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