Comatose documentation (and some questions on structure and navigation)

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Darren Torpey

Mar 3, 2009, 8:14:42 AM3/3/09
I've transcribed the Comatose website's documentation to the wiki:

I chose to do Comatose because

A.) I'm currently using it and it's a really great, lightweight, Rails-appropriate tool
B.) The navigation for the documentation on the website is completely broken, so most users may not even be able to read it
C.) It seems the author doesn't care much for maintaining the website (even though the product itself is being updated), so I thought maybe this is the kind of project where the wiki can do most of the tutorial-style (non-Rdoc) documentation duties
D.) Much as the author has provided two "tips n' tricks" on how to build an FAQ and a lightweight blog solution, I thought that other users might also contribute these kind of ideas on the wiki. If so, we can restructure that section to be its own sub-page, but for now I've put it on the main page as it's better to err on the side of making sure people see it at all.

The author included Previous and Next links in the original pages, so that they can be run through as though it's a sequential tutorial. I'm not sure if it's coherent as that kind of tutorial, but assuming it is, or becomes so: do we have a mechanism (besides just manually creating links in each page) for giving links to the "next" and "previous" pages in a set like this?

Similarly, and maybe even better, I know that Wikipedia and many Mediawiki-based wikis use boxes that list other pages related to the present on in a box that gets included in each page. As I understand it, DocuWiki includes a template feature so that boxes like this could be designed an put into pages for purposes of navigation. Do we have any examples that use this kind of technique? (Even an example on another DocuWiki-driven site would be useful -- I learn well by way of examples)

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