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The Dro

Feb 11, 2009, 3:52:51 PM2/11/09
to Deploying Ruby on Rails
I've got a remote machine on my network which has Ubuntu as the OS. I
run my testserver on it with all my current PHP sites. All I have to
type on my main Vista Machine as the URL is "http://testserver" and it
takes me to the index page i've created with links to all my sites on
that remote Ubuntu machine.

My question is:
I've setup RoR on that machine, but when I type testserver:3000 it
wont access that page. On the machine itself, I am able to see my RoR
project, but not on my main machine. I'm even able to SSH into the
testserver to work on the project files. How do I go about setting
that up?

My second Question is, Where are the config files to tell RoR to use
the MySQL database I currently have setup on the testserver that
phpmyadmin is also using? I have edited the database.yml file to
include the correct login information and the mysql adapter but it's
still not connecting properly to the database. Is there a certain file
I can setup the paths in for my MySQL db?

thanks in advance for your assistance,

Aníbal Rojas

Feb 11, 2009, 5:31:41 PM2/11/09

Is the 3000 port in the testserver open?

If the database.yml is present in the config/ folder in testserver
that should be all. What does your log/development.log
log/production.log says?

Best regards,

Aníbal Rojas
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