MFA options for non-GUI, anti-corporate Rubyists?

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Eric Wong

Jun 26, 2022, 1:16:53 PM6/26/22
Hello, are there any MFA options which I can easily audit
(including ALL non-standard dependencies)?

Graphics drivers/stacks are too big and complex for me to audit
or depend on, so anything dependent on them (including
mainstream web browsers) is a non-starter.

My whole reason for contributing to open source is because I got
sick of dealing with powerful corporations in the 90s.

I only work on small command-line tools, daemons, and low-level
stuff, nothing graphical. I have also quit projects which got
too big for me to develop on old, slow hardware because I'm poor
and have zero career prospects due to my beliefs.

Also, I probably have a dozen accounts so I can
avoid building a brand around my work. I'm not just against
powerful corporations, but ALL consolidation of influence and
power; thus I avoid fame and recognition, and am 110% against
expecting anybody to blindly trust my code without reading it
themselves, first.

Honestly, I fear MFA because it would escalate attacks against
maintainers. I would gladly give out all account access and
allow backdoors into my code if somebody physically threatened me.

Thanks for reading.

Evan Phoenix

Jun 27, 2022, 6:55:01 PM6/27/22
Hi Eric,

Some quick searching and I found oathtool that might be able to do this for ya:

 - Evan

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