rush and csh on remote host

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Jun 29, 2010, 9:29:41 AM6/29/10
to rush, the Ruby Shell
Hi, I'm a freebsd fan and mostly use csh as a main login shell.
I got a problem with csh when try to connect to one of my hosts:

Connecting to remotehost...
Pushing credentials

Ambiguous output redirect.
M=: Command not found.
M: Undefined variable.

Rush::SshTunnel::SshFailed: Rush::SshTunnel::SshFailed
method ssh in ssh_tunnel.rb at line 85
method ssh_append_to_credentials in ssh_tunnel.rb at line 43

I print the command in ssh_tunnel.rb (before line 85)

ssh remotehost 'M=`grep 'd2ey:qrvuia9z' ~/.rush/passwords 2>/dev/null
| wc -l`; if [ $M = 0 ]; then mkdir -p .rush; chmod 700 .rush; echo
'd2ey:qrvuia9z' >> ~/.rush/passwords; chmod 600 ~/.rush/passwords; fi'

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