[reek] Release of version 1.2.8

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Kevin Rutherford

Apr 26, 2010, 8:29:59 AM4/26/10
to ruby...@googlegroups.com
I've just pushed Reek v1.2.8 to github and gemcutter (or whatever it's
called now):

=== Major Changes
* Smell detectors can be configured or disabled in code comments
** Comment with :reek:smell_name disables the named smell for a class,
module or method
** Comment with :reek:smell_name:{...} for more detailed configuration
* Additional config file(s) can be specified:
** on the command-line using -c
** via Reek::Rake::Task in the rakefile

=== Minor Changes
* Duplication can be configured to ignore specific calls
* IrresponsibleModule now reports scoped module names correctly (#66)
* NestedIterators is now more configurable:
** Option to specify permitted nesting depth (#14)
** Option to ignore certain iterator methods

http://www.kevinrutherford.co.uk -- agile, TDD, XP, lean, TOC

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