Faraday net_http_persistent not working in Phusion Passenger

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Jack Ocampo

Apr 3, 2019, 12:58:30 PM4/3/19
to Philippine Ruby Users Group (PRUG/PhRUG)
Basic info:
  • Faraday Version: 0.15.4
  • Ruby Version: 2.5.0
  • Passenger: 6.0.2
Issue description:
Good day mga ka Ruby guys,

I have a rails app with api endpoint that will authenticate to the remote server by using api_key in order to authorized the current user.
This endpoint is using Faraday to connect to the remote server. See example below:
      'X-Version' => 'V1',
      'X-API-Key' => 123456,
      'Content-Type' =>'application/json'
uri = "https://api.remoteserver.com/VerifyAPIKey"
conn = Faraday.new() do |f|
   f.adapter :net_http_persistent do |http|  
   http.idle_timeout = 100
@response = conn.post do |req|
  req.url URI(uri)
  req.headers = HEADERS
  req.body = body

If you notice, I configure the adapter of Faraday using net_http_persistent because I'm running an open-source Phusion Passenger server and we need a persistent connection because the Passenger is a multi-process which means it will spawn one or more processes as the load increases. However at first request the api was successfully authorized(see processID #26698) but on the next request I got authorization error (processID #64121)
See the logs below:
I, [2019-04-01T18:20:29.611996 #26698] INFO -- Authorization is finished successfully.
I, [2019-04-01T18:20:29.611996 #26698] INFO Thread with name "MsgsQueue worker #47338607938600"
I, [2019-04-01T18:20:29.611996 #26698] INFO Thread with name "MsgsQueue worker #47338625106140"
I, [2019-04-01T23:20:09.341415 #64121] INFO Authorization error. Need to authenticate first!
I, [2019-04-01T23:20:09.341415 #64121] INFO Thread with name "LogsSender worker #47158391867980" is terminated!
I, [2019-04-01T23:20:09.341415 #64121] INFO Thread with name "LogsSender worker #42158391867991" is terminated!

Is there any settings in Faraday that I'm missing ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Ramon Tayag

Apr 3, 2019, 10:19:48 PM4/3/19
to Philippine Ruby Users Group
Your Rails app is the one you're trying to authenticate with? Or your Rails app makes a call to another Rails app with Phusion?

Try making this call with something like Postman or just plain curl first.

Ramon Tayag

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