creating objects with user-provided Last-Modified

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Gavriel Fleischer

Aug 3, 2015, 5:05:15 PM8/3/15
to ruby-fog

I am trying to copy a file into the cloud (both to SoftLayer and to AWS) and I need to preserve the "Last-Modified" header, so when I retrieve it back from the clouds I would see the last_modified time I provided.
I can't figure out how to do it. I tried it in these ways:

dir = s3.directories.get("mybucket")
last_modified =

dir.files.create(key: "file2.txt", body: "content string", last_modified: last_modified.httpdate)

dir.files.create(key: "file2.txt", body: "content string", last_modified: last_modified)

dir.files.create(key: "file2.txt", body: "content string", 'Last-Modified' => last_modified)

dir.files.create(key: "file2.txt", body: "content string", 'Last-Modified' => last_modified.httpdate)

= "/tmp/to_upload.txt", "w+") { |file|
file.write("content string")
FileUtils.touch(path, mtime: last_modified)
dir.files.create(key: key, body: open(path))

geemus (Wesley Beary)

Aug 3, 2015, 5:06:03 PM8/3/15
I already replied to this on stackoverflow, but the short version is that, unfortunately, Last-Modified is not a value that AWS allows to be modified, it will automatically be updated when files are created or updated instead.

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