Capybara matcher fails in view spec if data attribute contains quoted JSON

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Tasos Latsas

Jan 23, 2021, 4:43:54 PM1/23/21
to Capybara

I am not really sure if this is a bug, or I am missing something, but as the subject suggest, when a data attribute includes JSON with quoted values, capybara matcher have_selector fails to match the element. If there are no quotes it works.

This is the script to reproduce the issue:

Any idea what is happening here?


Thomas Walpole

Jan 23, 2021, 7:30:23 PM1/23/21
to Capybara
 I don't have time to dive deep into this right now, but it's most likely to be CSS escaping issues. Either way this isn't a great way to expect json in attributes since you're making your tests fully depending on the formatting of the json rather than the actual contents (an extra space in the json "text":<extra space>"value" for instance which wouldn't actually affect the json value.  A better approach would be to use a custom filter block to check the actual json value

expect(rendered).to have_selector('div#main') do |node|
  JSON.parse(node['data-quotes']) == {'text' => 'Text with "quotes"' }

Tasos Latsas

Jan 24, 2021, 5:43:15 AM1/24/21
to Capybara
Hi Thomas,

I switched from have_selector to RSpec's include, but your solution is way better so I will use a filter block.

Thank you.
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