Code128 Mouse Click via Extended ASCII 818e82

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Randy Parker

Jul 22, 2016, 4:04:22 PM7/22/16
to Barby
A Datalogic scanner support engineer named Tim Armstrong advised me that a mouse click could be encoded by a Code128 barcode using the 3-character sequence 818e82.  However, none of those characters passes the Barby ().valid? method.  Tim pointed out that I could access the extended ASCII characters by flanking the "mouse" characters with a pair of FNC4 bytes.  Barby docs say FNC4 is "\xc4", but flanking the 3 payload bytes with the FNC4 pair still doesn't get 'em past the valid? method, since they are tested individually.

Aside from the validity of the three individual \x81, \x8e, and \x82 characters, has anybody heard of that sequence producing a browser "click" event?  Or any other way of triggering a Mouse Click in a browser from a barcode?
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