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Tore Darell

Aug 18, 2011, 10:14:31 AM8/18/11
to Barby
I've pushed version 0.5.0 to rubygems.org. It's basically the same as
0.4.5, but with one important change: Barcode symbologies are no
longer required automatically, so you'll have to require the ones you
need. We've recently moved away from vendoring dependencies (rqrcode
used to be vendored, for example), instead assuming that the required
dependencies are available from somewhere else (like RubyGems). This
way you will only have to install and require the ones you need. The
goal is to make Barby as light a dependency as it can possibly be.

What this means for you is that you'll have to install any
dependencies you need, and you'll have to require the symbologies you
need. Most symbologies don't have any dependencies.

Example 1: Code 128 with SVG outputter (no dependencies)

require 'barby'
require 'barby/barcode/code_128'
require 'barby/outputter/svg_outputter'

print Barby::Code128B.new('humbaba').to_svg

Example 2: Data Matrix with PNG outputter (needs semacode and
chunky_png libs)

#gem install semacode
#gem install chunky_png

require 'barby'
require 'barby/barcode/data_matrix'
require 'barby/outputter/png_outputter'

README has full lists of symbologies and outputters with dependencies.
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