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Jan 15, 2011, 9:17:49 PM1/15/11
to rubinius-dev
We would really like to see a talk on Rubinius at Red Dirt RubyConf
this year in our Ruby Implementations track. If anyone is interested
in proposing a talk, our CFP is now open.

We are really pleased to announce the second annual Red Dirt
RubyConf to be help April 21st and 22nd, 2010 in Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma. Come check it out at:

We are also very happy to announce that Aaron Patterson of AT&T
Interactive and Dr. Nic Williams of EngineYard will participate as
keynote speakers.

We are actively seeking conference presentation proposals in one of
four conference themes:

RUBY IMPLEMENTATIONS - There is more than one Ruby. This theme will
focus on alternative implementations such as JRuby, Rubinius and

RAILS EXTENSIONS - The power of Rails is in its add ons. This theme
will focus on projects that build on to and extend Rail's core

JAVASCRIPT - There is power in diversity. This theme will focus on the
Ruby/Javascript interface such as JQuery, Coffeescript, Node.js, and

CLOUD SERVICES - Scalable applications have never been easier. This
theme will focus on hosting services such as VPS, EC2, S3, AppCloud,
and Heroku.

The Call for Proposals is now available online. Please submit
your great ideas for talks here:

Proposals will be voted on by the public and the most voted proposal
presentation will win a conference pass, a training pass and three
nights stay at the conference hotel. Propose a presentation now for
the best chance to win!

If you take a minute to vote for the best talk proposals, you'll be
to win a prize. You can vote each day up until the CFP closes on
February 1st.
Vote for the best talks here:


Jan 31, 2011, 7:02:53 PM1/31/11
to rubinius-dev
Ack! Last chance to submit a proposal to Red Dirt RubyConf 2011

The call for proposals for the second annual Red Dirt RubyConf
is coming to a close Tuesday, February 1st at 10pm CST.

It is not to late to submit a proposal! All proposals will be
fully considered. We are still seeking conference presentation
proposals in one of four conference themes: Ruby Implementations,
Rails Extensions, Javascript, Cloud Services.

We want your opinion! If you simply vote for the best proposal
on Tuesday, February 1st, you'll be entered to win a $50 gift

Here are some of the highest rated proposals so far:
Haml and Compass: Pure, Uncut Awesome
Formtastic: Lose the zero and get with the hero!
Mixing a tasty persistence cocktail
Node.js - Should ruby developers care?
Katy Perry and Trend Detection Using JRuby
Cheating on ActiveRecord with DataMapper
Introduction to CoffeeScript
GUI Programming with MacRuby
Cloud deployment with Puppet
Managing Applications with Chef and The Opscode Platform
Ruby/JavaScript Synergy on the Server
Using BDD in JavaScript from Ruby
Solving performance problems with horizontal scale.
Cultivating an open-source community
Waynee Seguin on Rubinius
Reimagining Rails Messaging
Fat Models Aren't Enough

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