Hiro / NEXTAGE OPEN software Monthly Update (Aug 2014)

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Isaac IY Saito

Aug 28, 2014, 12:35:42 PM8/28/14
to rtm-ros-...@googlegroups.com

Hello Hiro/NEXTAGE OPEN users,

here are 2nd monthly updates for the opensource software.

1. ROS client classes are added (Python, C++).
2. More sample programs
3. Versions of latest packages

1. ROS client classes are added (Python, C++).

Until recently main programming interface was hrpsys-based python classes (called HIRONX / NextageClient). Now we've added ROS clients for both languages.

API doc:
- Python http://docs.ros.org/hydro/api/hironx_ros_bridge/html/classhironx__ros__bridge_1_1ros__client_1_1ROS__Client.html
- C++ http://docs.ros.org/hydro/api/hironx_ros_bridge/html/classROS__Client.html

Features are still limited compared to hrpsys-based classes. Feedback is appreciated at the issue tracker:

To clarify the available programming interface, we've also posted an API diagram (see the image below).


2. More sample programs

Run the samples in the following link. The newly added API classes are in use there.

3. Versions of latest packages

1.0.23 rtmros_hironx (will be coming)
0.2.18 rtmros_nextage
1.0.21 rtmros_common


--Isaac from TORK

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