Add covariate in CIM analysis

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Jun 30, 2021, 3:51:17 AMJun 30
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Dear Dr.Broman , 
 I used this script for CIM analysis  
scan.cim = cim(QTL_root_length_TREATMENT, pheno.col=2, map.function="kosambi")

I want to add my control data, RL_C, as covarite  in CIM QTL analysis but  when I run bellow script it doesn't work and I receive an error  

scan.cim2 = cim(QTL_root_length_TREATMENT, pheno.col=2, map.function="kosambi", addcovar = RL_C

Error in cim(QTL_LR4_cadmium_root_length_TREATMENT, pheno.col = 2, map.function = "kosambi",  :     unused argument (addcovar = RL_C) 

my qustion is how can I add  my control data , RL_C, as covariate in CIM method of qtl analysis ?

Thank you in advance 
Zahra Pakbaz 

Karl Broman

Jun 30, 2021, 6:59:56 AMJun 30
to R/qtl discussion
Unfortunately, the addcovar argument has not been implemented in cim().
It should be straightforward to do, and I’ve added it to the isuues on github.

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