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Mar 5, 2010, 3:37:39 AM3/5/10
to rpx_now_gem
I've been meaning to update to the latest version. I got 0.3.1 working
in my app. However, now I'm getting a nil response from RPXNow.

class RpxController < ApplicationController
skip_before_filter :verify_authenticity_token, :only => [:index]

def index
if data = RPXNow.user_data(params[:token])
data = {:name => data[:username], :email =>
data[:email], :identifier => data[:identifier]}
logger.debug("-----WHATS IN THE DATA? Yeah raw is enabled.

Changes I've made / things to take note of
1) I added my API key to my environment file, as it looks like it's
taken automatically now (not passed through the method any longer).
2) Just to be sure, I uninstalled the 0.3.1 gem
3) Doing everything in a development machine. I added my IP to the
white list.

What am I doing wrong?


Michael Grosser

Mar 7, 2010, 7:58:35 AM3/7/10
You should add your host (e.g. localhost) to the whitelist, the ip does not mater afaik
Your could try the example app, to see if your setup (apikey/whitelist) works there.

hope this helps, nothing else lookse wrong,
cheers mg

2010/3/5 Ramon <>


Ramon Tayag

Mar 7, 2010, 12:09:06 PM3/7/10
Thanks for your reply. Adding localhost:3000 was invalid, so I just accessed the site thru my IP address. I port forwarded it so it'd work properly.

Anyway, I will try your example app. I browsed through it to make sure I was doing things alright, but didn't run it. I'll report my findings here.

Ramon Tayag
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