Driving identification

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Ori - Roee Admon Lab

Oct 11, 2021, 11:27:47 AM10/11/21
to R package GGIR
Hello Vincent,
I would love to receive your input regarding the optimal configuration to define in the shell function (activity parameters),
In order to identify stages of static activity of driving (sitting).
Background - we are using acc. data to identify physical activity phases with the bounds of starting / ending a motorcycle ride.

we DONT have accurate driving log so we need to get this indication from the data.
Do you have any idea for that activity classification?

GGIR version is 2.4
raw data is resampled from 500HZ to 1HZ
and rescaled to (-2,2)
(this is the only way we managed to get outputs in ggir)

Thank you very much!

Vincent van Hees

Oct 15, 2021, 3:27:37 AM10/15/21
to Ori - Roee Admon Lab, R package GGIR
Hi Ori,

GGIR offers no direct functionality for drive detection. However, you may want to consider developing your own drive detection function and test it out via: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/GGIR/vignettes/ExternalFunction.pdf
Once there is convincing evidence that it works we could discuss whether this can be embedded.

If you are unsure how to develop a classifier then I may be able to help via paid consultancy (as GGIR software is for free I need to get my income via other routes).

> raw data is resampled from 500HZ to 1HZ

This is probably not a good idea as all movement information content will be lost.

> and rescaled to (-2,2)

Do you mean the sensor has a +/-2g range and you converted voltage data to g?

> (this is the only way we managed to get outputs in ggir)

To give feedback on this I need to know the original data properties, sensor location, and data format.

Best, Vincent

Dr. Vincent van Hees | Independent consultant | https://accelting.com/


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