R package GGIR

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This google group is to support users of R-package GGIR: http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/GGIR/index.html

General advise: When you ask a question in this group always try to create a minimalistic example that someone else can use to reproduce and investigate your problem. Instructions on how to ask good questions on open source software can be found elsewhere:

Common reasons for problems that can easily be addressed:
- Check that you do not mix up GGIR output from different GGIR versions.
- Restart R after updating a package, which is quite often the reason for problems.
- When GGIR has recently been updated then for a couple of days it will be impossible to download GGIR from CRAN on Windows. This is not a GGIR problem but the way CRAN works, be patient and try again in a couple of days.
- Inspect output from GGIR part 2 about measurement duration and quality when you run into issues with part 4 or 5. Often the part 2 output can give a hint about why there might be a problem. For example, the measurement was too short or the sensor was not worn.