Emulate a push button angaged for a pre-defined time

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Mar 18, 2020, 12:31:10 AM3/18/20
to Routix

Dear Vadim Mostovoy,

To start with, thank you for your cool and intuitive MQTT Dash app.

I'd like to configure a (momentary) push button in MQTT Dash app to open a gate via ESP-12F that will subscribe to the push button defined in the MQTT Dash app. The "problem" is that a long push on the configured button yields a popup window to select [Edit, Clone, Delete, Delete retained messages] rather then to emulate a long press on the push button. This is obviously not a problem but rather the user interface of the app.

To bypass this obstacle I implemented a 1.5sec pulse on the ESP-12F whenevera configured on/off switch is pressed.

Nonetheless I'd like to learn how to configure a MQTT Dash switch/button engaged (pushed) for a pre-defined length of time, say button engaged for 1.5sec.

Thank you,
H. F.


Mar 22, 2021, 6:05:48 AM3/22/21
to Routix
Not possible, sorry.
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