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Lucian Adrian Grijincu

Sep 13, 2010, 8:03:53 AM9/13/10
to rospell, Lucian Constantin

Dacă vreți dicționarul să apară în OO3.3, acum e momentul.
Vedeți mai jos anunțul :)

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Subject: [lingu-dev] Call for OOo 3.3 dictionary updates
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Hi all,

To all who' like to provide an update to an existing dictionary
extension: please prepare the extension update and file an issue with a
download link to the updated extension. Best would be if this could be
done until Tuesday next week.


1) If you want to support ligatures with your extension then please read
the short thread named 'spell check dictionaries and ligatures'. Namely
please note that the dictionary needs to be converted to UTF-8 encoding
in order for the solution with ICONV to work.

2) Reminder: Since OOo 3.2 the simple Ascii dash/minus '-' is reagarded
as part of the word for spell checking purposes. Before OOo 3.2 the
dictionaries needed to add the left and right part of such a word/text
as separate entries in order to not get the word (or better part of it)
to be marked as incorrect. Since OOo 3.2 you can clean up the dictionary
by omitting the partial words and only listing the full words, thus
getting rid of 'not real word' entries in the dictionary that often may
result in odd or even misspelled suggestions from the spell checker if
similar text patterns get encountered.

For example: previoulsy you would have needed 'U' + 'turn' and 'X' +
'ray' whereas you can now simply use 'U-turn' and 'X-Ray'.

Though this type of problem is probably more eminent in other languages
than English. ;-)


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..: Lucian

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