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Jul 30, 2010, 7:19:16 AM7/30/10
to Rose-Hulman, WWW, and Society
Jesse Schell, author of the book, "The Art of Game Design," gave a
presentation the night before last in San Francisco. I have attached
a summary of the talk by Stewart Brand, Long Now Foundation
spokesperson and long time high tech guru and author of "The Whole
Earth Catalogue."

Games, now available on the Web, seem to be all-absorbing and
therefore able to shape the emotions for good or ill. As for the
latter, I recall in Kyrgyzstan in 2002, seeing teenage boys sitting in
the Internet Cafes by the hour playing "Terror War" and other games of
ultimate, mindless violence.

Brand's review does not touch these things, only the reasons games are


Jul 30, 2010, 9:40:15 AM7/30/10
to Rose-Hulman, WWW, and Society
There have been multiple attempts to blame video games for violent
behavior, but none have ever been backed up by science in the least
bit. Laws banning "violent" games also get struck down. At least
that's how it goes in the Western world. In Kyrgzstan you might not be
as desensitized to violence as we are in the West, so maybe they do
have some affect over there? More research is needed before we blame
video games for creating anything more than virtual, temporary, non-
existent terrorists.


Bebo White

Jul 30, 2010, 5:25:45 PM7/30/10

Was there supposed to be an attachment?


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Pickett, William B

Jul 30, 2010, 6:17:24 PM7/30/10

The attachment was a document I inserted  in the bottom section of the Google groups page.  Bill

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