Deprecations in Rails 1.2

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Nov 15, 2006, 2:43:05 AM11/15/06

* Passing method reference symbols to ActionController::Base#url_for.
Use named routes instead.
* Calling ActionController::Base#render with string arguments. Ex:
* Using model, service, observer, depend_on and dependencies_on in your
controller. Rails handles most dependency issues automatically now.
* Calling keep_flash instead of flash.keep
* Pagination will be extracted out into a plugin in Rails 2.0
* Auto complete will be extracted out into a plugin in Rails 2.0
* In place editing will be extracted out into a plugin in Rails 2.0
* start_form_tag and end_form_tag have been deprecated. form_tag still
works the same, but there is no wrapper method for the . The preferred
method is to use the new block form of form_tag. Ex: form_tag :action =>
:create do ... end
* The number helper method human_size is deprecated in favor of
* link_to_image and link_image_to helpers are deprecated in favor of
wrapping an image_tag in a link_to. Ex: link_to(image_tag(...), :action
=> :new)
* Using @cookies, @flash, @headers, @params, @request, @response or
@session has been deprecated. Use the method form without the @. Ex:
* Calling content_for :layout || :symbol. Use yield || yield :symbol instead
* Calling image_tag without an extension is deprecated. Auto appending
.png will be removed. Don't be lazy.
* Passing :post as a link_to modifier to force a POST request via a link
tag. Use :method => :post instead.
* push_with_attributes and concat_with_attributes on a HABTM association
are deprecated. Use has_many :through with a join model instead.
* find_all and find_first on a has_many association. Use find(:all) and
* :dependent => true on a has_many association. Use :dependent => :destroy
* :exclusively_dependent => true on a has_many association. Use
:dependent => :delete_all
* When using :class_name on a belongs_to association, the foreign_key
name will be inferred from the association rather than the :class_name.
Therefor, use :foreign_key if using :class_name and they differ.
* A welcome deprecation, internally, the quote method of ActiveRecord
has been renamed. After Rails 2.0 you will be able to use a column named
quote again.
* Calling count on a model with string arguments for conditions and
joins. Use an options hash instead. Ex: Model.count(:conditions => '...')
* Validations helper method add_on_boundary_breaking in favor of
* Hash extension create_from_xml has been renamed to from_xml
* All the old rake tasks have been moved to namespaced task, old ones
are deprected. Ex: rake db:migrate instead of rake migrate

Dmitry V. Sabanin

Nov 15, 2006, 7:10:25 AM11/15/06
Эту же информацию, но на русском можно
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Кстати, в ближайшие несколько недель
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С уважением,
Dmitry Sabanin | |


Nov 15, 2006, 7:33:47 AM11/15/06
ок, спасибо!
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