ROOTCON 5 Additional Sets of Talks

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Jun 1, 2011, 4:50:47 AM6/1/11
Still need more awesomeness? Here we go....New sets of talks

Evilution of Telephony - On these presentation it will give you a
basic VoIP security, Evilution that emerge on the telephony

Reversing Android Application - With the introduction of Google
Android driven smartphones, a lot of Android App markets emerged
offering free and commercial applications where Google Android Market
is unavailable. In these past months, several news about android
malware were made known to the public. These applications were either
downloaded from the official Android market or from third party app

This presentation aims to introduce Reversing of Android applications
for the aspiring software reverse engineer to identify malicious codes
in an Android application.

Spotting Web Vulnerability - the topic will discuss common
vulnerability seen on Web Apps, SQLi, XSS & easily acquired tools.

Zeus The God Of All Cyber Theft - When Zeus entered the threat arena,
it quickly became eminent and has been the crimeware of choice for a
wide range of cybercriminals. Since then, countless attacks involving
Zeus emerged, giving a complete headache to the security industry as a
whole. Find out what is Zeus and what makes this malware superior to
other threats in the wild, how cybercriminals monetize their malicious
activities with Zeus, and what the security industry is doing to fight
this persistent threat as we talk about the God of All Cyber-Theft.

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