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Mar 29, 2011, 1:44:02 AM3/29/11
What's Up H4xors and fellow GEEKS!!!! We brewed something new for
ROOTCON. Pick your ToolBox at the CON

ROOTCON 5 Toolbox

In the effort to provide our CON goers things to play with during the
CON, we provided ROOTCON Toolbox. The Toolbox is merely an area at the
CON where CON goers can play and fiddle around. Some of the Toolbox we
have setup for the CON are the following:

Hardware Toolbox

Hardware ToolBox is an area, where anyone can fiddle around some
hardware hacks. There will be some hardware design showcase from
different schools and hobbyist.

LockPick Toolbox

Want to break those locks? Here's the place to be!!! LockPick Toolbox,
will be managed by our very own Jolly Mongrel, will walk you through
how to break those locks, with disclaimer of course.

Wireless Toolbox

Wireless AP scattered across all coffee shops, this toolbox is crafted
to showcase all Wireless hacks, from antenna design, wep cracking
tools all in one ToolBox.

We wanted to come up with more Toolbox at the CON but our hands are a
bit full, so if you want to setup a Toolbox at the CON, do let us
know, you may send an email to methadone [at] rootcon d0t org.

For more info on our Activities:
For more info:

For Interaction:

Spread the word and invite your friends to subscribe to ROOTCON

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