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Apr 21, 2010, 7:54:39 AM4/21/10
to Rochester Wiki
I got the following inquiry from JackGreenky

"... Is there any Link Verification being done automatically on
RocWiki? (or something like the pages wanted page if they stop

I responded:

The link checking is a question for Ryan or another Admin techy. I
know that City of Rochester changed their website some time ago and a
lot of RocWiki pages were broken. I fixed a lot by hand. It would be
nice for someone to run a tool that made a Broken Link Pages page so
we would know what to fix. It amazes me how many companies and
organizations redo their websites and don't bother to create
PermaLinks so that everybody's Bookmarks still work into their site.
Another issue is the D&C which does publishes, but does not leave its
stuff publicly archived, but makes you search and pay for stuff after
a short time. —BradMandell

I know there are a number of tools out there - any current practices,
plans or thoughts??

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