Harris Thursday Was Wild!

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Wings-Aron Lantz

Aug 12, 2022, 8:54:02 AMAug 12
to 'Wings-Aron Lantz' via Upstate NY Free Flyers, RAF, William Hnyla
We had a great day!  Glad to see everyone and fly an a beautiful day!

We flew yesterday and it was a wild day.

Will Hnyla came up and flew with the NY gang. (Will of Hyner Club fame).

Pilots that flew were Mark Donahoe, Rob Skinner, Patrick  McDonnell, Will Hnyla and Aron.  Support crew was Mark's wife Michelle, Julie, Jim Kolynich, Bill Vickery, and Jim Black.

It was windy and thermic...at times the varios were pegging at 1000fpm.  Strong lift and strong sink.

It was great thermal practice day, but you had to be careful not to get blown back over too far.

I have one crazy thing to report.  After 2 hours I go out to land, just had enough of the beating and I had to pee!  I guess I was like 400-500 feet over the lz and am trying to get down to land.  I have feet out and making more drag.  I get in a thermal and it isn't just one I could wait out there.  Remembering how I got a thrashing at Jacks fighting a thermal in the lz, I decided to circle in it and ride it back up...all the way back to the mountain and like 900 over launch...still with feet out and harness open...body upright.  Wow great visibility flying that way!  Next attempt at landing did work out.  I cored sink and got down, fighting some bubble thermals, but got down ok...this was like 3:30pm timeframe.

Hard to know exactly what everyone's flight stats were, but I think around 2000 over launch was about it, and flights were as long as you wanted to take the beating!

It was a boom up, then boom down type day.  I was above and below people too many times to count.

Great fun day at Harris Hill....

If I missed anything, chime in...

Let's fly soon!


Wings-Aron Lantz

Aug 12, 2022, 9:06:57 AMAug 12
to 'Wings-Aron Lantz' via Upstate NY Free Flyers, RAF, William Hnyla

Jim Fayette also came with his PG and stayed for a while and decided not to fly, very wise.

After the flying several of us stopped over at Tags for beers, topped off our grumbling bellies and shared tales of flying...


James Fardette

Aug 12, 2022, 9:38:47 AMAug 12
to 'Wings-Aron Lantz' via Upstate NY Free Flyers, RAF, William Hnyla, Wings-Aron Lantz
Yep, a little too dynamic for a P2 with a low performance glider. Sorry I missed the fun. 

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Wings-Aron Lantz

Aug 12, 2022, 9:48:33 AMAug 12
to James Fardette, 'Wings-Aron Lantz' via Upstate NY Free Flyers, RAF, William Hnyla
Hey Jim, I'm sorry I misspelled your name, the spellchecker changed it on me...I better proof read next time.

We gotta get you a hang glider rack built so you got the option.  If you need any help making one I could help you with metal work or welding...I'm just down by Williamsport.

I'm going to learn PG next year so I'll have the option on lighter wind days and glass off conditions.


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