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Aug 3, 2022, 5:36:06 PM8/3/22
to RochesterAreaFlyers

Hi Folks,

 As of today, only the pilots shown below are current RAF members. If your name is not on this list and you'd like to fly RAF sites this year, please be sure to renew your membership. As always, you must also be a current USHPA member to join RAF.

 To join the club or renew your membership, just go to http://www.rochesterareaflyers.com/members/ and fill out the online application form. Payment can be made using either PayPal or a check.

 For those of you whose name is on the list already, thanks very much for supporting the club and helping us to maintain our flying sites. Some of our largest expenses come early in the year, so your prompt membership renewal is much appreciated.

 RAF High-site Pilots: Please print this list out for reference. If you encounter a pilot at one of our high-sites who’s not on this list, be aware that this violates our insurance agreement with the landowners and jeopardizes our continued use of that site.



(RAF Treasurer)

 FULL: 52          


Kunal Bhuta

Peter Biggers

Jim Black

Henry Boessl                  [Honorary]

Rick Brown

Calvin Cady                    [Student]

Matt Calladine

Dylan Christopherson

Matt Conrad

Mark Donohoe

Tim DuBois

Karl Fanghanel               [Honorary]

Sara Fort

Leo Glauber

Chris Hilliard

Marty Hughes                 [Honorary]

Oded Kalir

Saadi Kandehlati

Tim Lewis

Kevin Lim

Karl Link

Steve Lynch

Mike Lynd

Brooks Lyon                   [Honorary]

Stefan Lucas

Lon McClure                   [Honorary]

Patrick McDonnell

Fred Miller

David Oddy

John O’Hearn

Steve Ostertag

Katrin Parsiegla

David Perrin

John Piper

Joe Schmucker

Joern Schwekendiek

Bill Selent

Paul Shultz                     [Honorary]

Rob Skinner

Bob Slebodnik

Dave Stookey

Chris Toomey

John Toomey

Dmytro Tserkovnyy

John Troy

Will Van Caulart

Louis Vasconcelos

Oleg Vegorov

Brent Viau

Brian Vogel

Moritz Wagner

Ron Wolff

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