RAF Meeting Minutes October 2022

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Glauber, Leo

Oct 15, 2022, 11:44:24 AM10/15/22
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RAF meeting

11 October 2022

In person attendance:    Moritz Wagner, Chris Toomey, Rick Brown, Stefan Lucas

Online attendance:         Tim Lewis, Brian Vogel, Lon Maclure, Jim Black

1) New club officers:

   stepping back: President: Moritz Wagner

                               Training Coordinator: Karl Fanghanel

   Nominations received so far: 

                              President: Chris Toomey

                               Training Coordinator: Tim Lewis

   Other nominations? Do nominees accept candidacy?

Additional nominations were sought, no new candidates.  Both Chris Toomey and Tim Lewis accepted the nominations for their respective positions.  Proposed to advance this slate of candidates for the November Membership vote.

2) Bylaws:

   Current bylaws are around 40 years old and do not reflect the internet age as well as other changes in the club and society.

   Main changes that have been proposed:

  1. Institute an electronic/internet voting process with possible mail-in vote.
  2. institute term limit for club officers of 2-3 years with a max of 2 consecutive terms.
  3. Assign club signature authority to club officers.

Current bylaws require mail-in ballot.  Discussed benefits of electronic vs paper ballots.  Opportunity should remain for a member to request a paper ballot (if they are unable to disinclined to use electronic ballot), this would require a bylaw change. 

Suggestion currently to do a mailing to all members for combined elections and change of bylaws.  These would return to the secretary for tabulation.  MW noted that mailing should include the current bylaws in their entirety so members could have context to understand the proposed changes.

Discussion regarding term limits and term duration.  Overall interest in limiting total tenure of executive leadership (positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) to six years.  Current Bylaws indicate terms of two years, with half of the BOD positions (President, Treasurer, Training Director, and Insurance Director) being elected in even-numbered years.  Remainder (Vice President, Secretary, Safety Officer, and Technology Director) elected in odd-numbered years.  Changing term duration from 2 to 3 years would potentially upset that system of ensuring continuity. 

Motion proposed to membership vote (MW, 2nd RB): Limit the 4 executive BOD positions to 3 consecutive terms.  Unanimous approval

Additional Bylaw changes updating to “modern era” (use of computers)

Motion proposed to membership vote (MW, 2nd CT): Provide signing authority to President and Treasurer for Contracts, Purchases, and Agreements.  Unanimous approval

Motion proposed to membership vote (RB, 2nd CT): Provide for selection of Honorary Memberships by unanimous assent of the BOD.  If unanimity is not achieved, Honorary Memberships can be bestowed by a simple majority of the voting membership at large.   Unanimous approval

Motion proposed to membership vote (MW, 2nd RB): Increase discretionary spending limit without prior board approval from $500 to $1,500.  Unanimous approval

3) Italy Vally LZ property transfer from FLAP to RAF progress.

Letter from lawyer assisting in this process was sent to the leaders of FLAP (Mr. Boehler) and RAF (MW) regarding transfer of property (Italy Valley LZ) to RAF.  MW has not yet received this letter.

4) Club fees: membership ($60), check it out ($50), Training ($750), Chute clinic nonmembers ($20).

Brief discussion regarding maintaining the current fee structure as outlined above.  Unanimous assent to maintain current fee structure.


5) Padgham Hill “Fly-In”

BV asked whether there would be a repeat of this event which occurred last year on 23 Oct 2021.  There have been inquires via the website. 

Suggestion that this would provide an opportunity for Scooter Tow (including video of tow operators), Training Hill flights, and food / grilling.

RB has sent out a “save the date” for 22 October Work Party for training use of mower / 4-wheeler at Padgham.

6) Towing

JB initiated discussion regarding the towing program, and the suitability for training vs recreational use.  If Instructional Towing is considered, suggestion that more people would be helpful at a given session.

Need “get together” session – need video of tow techs for insurance purposes.

Need to replace knots with splices on current tow rope

JB would like club to consider purchasing the 2 Alphas (180 and 210) for his cost a year ago ($2,800) so that they could be used by the wider group in training setting.  General agreement that this is an excellent price point for these training-level gliders.  MW counterpoint that the replacement cost of downtubes is more substantial on these gliders than the current training gliders.

MW expressed gratitude to JB for his efforts in growing the towing program.

7) Artificial Surfaces

RB pressed for decision regarding the substantial quantity of astroturf and rubberized materials that is available to RAF for the cost of transportation / removal from their current location.  These could be used potentially at the Hammondsport site for “reduced maintenance” PG Launch.  Suggestion that Katrin could speak with the site owner.  The work / commitment would be substantial to install, though this would decrease mowing needs in the future.  This would be of greatest benefit to PG participants, since HG pilots will run through anything. 


Respectfully submitted,



Glauber, Leo

Nov 15, 2022, 5:30:57 PM11/15/22
to rochester...@googlegroups.com


Stephen kindly filled in for me again this month with RAF meeting minutes– Thanks!

RAF Meeting Minutes

8 November 2022


In person – Moritz Wagner, Chris Toomey, Rick Brown, Stefan Lucas

Online – Lon McClure, Marty Hughes, Brooks Lyon, Timothy DuBois, Robert Skinner, Jim Black, Brian Vogel

1.       RAF Elections

MW – opened floor for expression of any voting concerns.  Mail-in ballots need to be returned to Leo Glauber by November 30th.  

LM – Do Honorary Members have voting privileges?  CT & MW indicate that they have full voting privileges.

JB – Is there a count on how many votes have been returned?  MW last spoke with Leo and approximately 20 (of 52) votes have been received.

2.                   Italy Valley Property Transfer Update

MW – Have been working for many months on this project.  Marty has contacted the lawyer. MW has been in contact with 3 former FLAP members; Pete Fournia (secretary), Tom Forester (former vice president), and Jeff Boehler (former president).

Currently need EIN (tax ID) to transfer property title from FLAP to RAF.  Jeff attempted to get this from the IRS without success.  FLAP may not have an EIN.  MW traying to contact lawyer who originally assisted in the land deal with FLAP.  RB will contact Tom.  Forms have been sent to the lawyers.  

Marty – May need to apply for EIN for FLAP.  If we apply and are told they have EIN, possibly will be an indirect way to get the EIN.  TD – Applying for new EIN should only take about 10 minutes on the IRS website.  Marty to talk with our lawyer Geri.

3.                   New Club Logo

Developed by Sara Fort; 4 different initial designs.  Initial instinct is to add paraglider to our logo

A – Modern font, clouds background

B – “Throwback” font, mountain background

C – Modern font, mountain background

D – Cloud background similar to A, colored san serif font

BV noted that these designs may lend well to efforts like a t-shirt design, but would not work well as a banner on the website.  Suggests that multiple treatments would be needed to qualify as a logo for use on website, business cards, letterhead.

Additional discussion regarding the needs and desires; perhaps better clarity on design needs should be addressed.

MW to open up discussion on RAF Google Group.

4.                   Fiscal Update

BL – As of 11/8, bank balance is “in the green”.  Current outstanding obligations including $700 due in landowner fees and $450 for mower deck repair (RB) can be covered.

MW – Interested in knowing how much of the income came from teaching activities.

5.                   Christmas (Holiday?) Party

Park Lodge Reservation booked by BV – Mendon Ponds Park, Hopkins Point Lodge on Sunday, December 11th.  Starts around Noon / 1pm, and continues until people leave.  Must vacate by 10:30pm.

6.                   Communication

CT – Google group has more contributors (about double) than the membership of RAF.  Publicly viewable site, where there may be people how view and do not post that we are unaware of.  Is there a benefit to having another method of communicating some aspects of RAF business that may be more “sensitive”?  Unrestricted access may be good for some aspects such as discussions of flying conditions, and “brag sheets”.

Should the Google Group (public) be used for flying uses exclusively?

Possibility of private Google Group, or email list that could be copied from the members-only section of the website.

LM – consider shared google doc for email list

Potentially sensitive information – insurance questions, teaching discussions.  

Post on website in the “members section”

BV – suggest working group including CT, LM, TD, BV and report back next month.

Consider BCC all members the meeting minutes while a long-term solution is sought

7.                   Padgham Container

RB does considerable mower maintenance / upkeep.  Additional container space would be invaluable to be able to keep mower deck inside during the season without the challenge of placing it in the current container.  

Container is functionally “mouse proof” storage.  Total project cost estimated at ~$ 5,000 including about $ 3,000 for a 20 ft container, plus gravel and work party for installation at grade.

Plan to get several quotes in the March / April timeframe


Next meeting in January as December meeting replaced with Holiday party

Respectfully submitted,



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