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Welcome!   This is the discussion forum for the Robotics and Machine Vision Toolboxes. The Toolboxes are open-source and available for free from  The Toolboxes are written in MATLAB but have been ported to other languages include SciLabLabView and Python.

The Toolboxes come with documentation of all functions, but a more definitive tutorial introduction to robotics and vision is provided in the new book Robotics, Vision & Control.  If you are interested in teaching with the book please visit the companion group Teaching with "Robotics, Vision & Control".

Joining the group: this is a moderated group and only members can post.  Anybody is welcome to join, use the blue Apply to join this group button above.  Please provide a one sentence explanation of why you want to join, just so I can tell you're not a spam robot (you should see what I get trying to sign up...).  No explanation and I won't accept your application, nothing personal and you are very welcome to try again :)

Bug reports: please follow these guidelines, it's really important you tell us the version of MATLAB and Toolbox you are using, and give a minimal but complete example that illustrates the problem.  Have a look at the FAQ for answers to common issues.