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yiyang zhang

Jan 9, 2024, 1:20:54 AMJan 9
to robotframework-users

I'm using the Robot Framework with a remote library. In my local test cases, I import it as follows:

Library Remote

Within my custom test library, there's a method for SUITE SETUP where I call a Robot built-in method to retrieve the test case path: BuiltIn().get_variable_value("$SUITE SOURCE").

Now, when I execute the local test cases, it throws an error at the point where I'm trying to fetch $SUITE SOURCE: RobotNotRunningError: Cannot access execution context.

When both the test library and test cases are local, everything works fine, and the tests run without issues. Is it possible that using a remote library doesn't support this kind of usage?

Tomas Pekarovic

Jan 9, 2024, 3:20:32 AMJan 9
to, robotframework-users
This is intended... As I understand It

remote library is just a black box for the  running robot tests. In your case, you are running it from machine1 that is running robot binary. The execution context is on this machine, where RF is directly running. 
The remote library just wraps some keywords, but It does not know nothing about context in which robot is running. Therefore you can't get use of BuiltIn() library on the remote machine.

I personally did not found a way , how to send context to remote library to be able to just get this information.

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Jan 9, 2024, 5:43:32 PMJan 9
to robotframework-users
This might be an interesting use case to file as an enhancement request to RF framework, to add a way to pass the RF framework's execution context (info) as part of the remote library protocol so that remote library's can implement the support to receive it.
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