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Mikhail Grunko

Aug 4, 2022, 5:22:57 AM8/4/22
to robotframework-users
Hello everybody,

I am struggling with the problem of scrolling down in a sub-window. In my case the app looks like that and I have to scroll down the marked scroll bar:

Screenshot 2022-08-04 101423.png

The reason for it is that I have to click one of sub-items of the menu "Settings", which is currently outside of the visible area (I have in my test case the Maximize browser window keyword and it passes, so seemingly it it the maximum size of the window).

What is a bit strange, I have in my test case the following strings:

Wait Until Element Is Visible       xpath=//*[@id="m_ver_menu"]/ul/li[10]/div/ul/li[6]      timeout=5s
click element      xpath=//*[@id="m_ver_menu"]/ul/li[10]/div/ul/li[6]

First string passes, although the element is outside of the visible area - it is the screenshot from the RF report. The second string fails with the following error:

ElementClickInterceptedException: Message: element click intercepted: Element <li class="m-menu__item " aria-haspopup="true">...</li> is not clickable at point (119, 634). Other element would receive the click: ...

What I have tried (everything was placed before the Click element keyword - see above):
  • Scroll Element Into View  xpath=//*[@id="m_ver_menu"]/ul/li[10]/div/ul/li[6]
    • This returns, that this keyword does not exist...
  • Execute Javascript  window.scrollTo(0,document.body.scrollHeight);
    • This scrolls down, but the main scroll bar on the right of the screenshot above
  • Execute JavaScript  document.querySelector('#m_ver_menu > ul > li.m-menu__item.m-menu__item--submenu.m-menu__item--open > div > ul > li:nth-child(6)').scrollDown += 1000;
    • This does not scroll down anything

Could I try something more?

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