robotidy transformer AlignTemplatedTestCases fails with pipe separators

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Geist Eng

Jul 30, 2022, 11:31:08 PMJul 30
to robotframework-users
This is for reference for the users group for any that come looking at this issue.

I have opened bug 374

If .robot test data uses pipe separators the AlignTemplatedTestCases transformer produces invalid output.

There is a work around but it is a bit strange.  One must first use the NormalizeSeparators transformer and then the AlignTemplatedTestCases.  But the strange part is the output of NormalizeSeparators must be written out first.

Trying to NormalizeSeparators first and then AlignTemplatedTestCases in the same run of robotidy using --transform on cli or a transform list in a config fill will not work.

robotidy  --transform  NormalizeSeparators <src files>
robotidy -config <robotidy.toml file> <srv files>  

spacecount = 4
indent = 3
continuation-indent = 2 # does not affect *** Settings **** tables; only in Keywords and Test cases
separator = "space"

transform = [
    "MergeAndOrderSections: order = settings,variables,testcases,keywords,comments",
    "AlignSettingsSection: up_to_column=2",
    "OrderSettingsSection: new_lines_between_groups = 0"

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