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Reinaldo Neto

Jul 13, 2022, 5:37:43 PMJul 13
to robotframework-users
Hello how are you? I would like to select the first option from the drop-down menu but I couldn’t. What would be the solution?
Sorry for my bad English.

Kalpataru sahoo

Jul 14, 2022, 12:50:02 AMJul 14
to robotframework-users
You can use ChroPath extension there u can get actual Locator.Before clicking {  Wait Until Element Contains  } you can use or you can sleep for 10s after that perform click function from the dropdown

Julio Lemus

Jul 14, 2022, 3:59:44 PMJul 14
to kalpat...@gmail.com, robotframework-users
Maybe it work for you

Get value from Dropdown
    [Arguments]                     ${xpath}    ${item_label}
    ${start_character} =            Get Substring    ${item_label}    0    1
    Wait Until Keyword Succeeds     ${locator_attempts}    ${locator_time}    Scroll Element Into View    ${xpath}
    Wait Until Keyword Succeeds     ${locator_attempts}    ${locator_time}    Click element    ${xpath}
    #Wait Until Keyword Succeeds     ${locator_attempts}    ${locator_time}    Press Keys    ${xpath}    ${start_character}
    Sleep                           200ms
    Wait Until Keyword Succeeds     ${locator_attempts}    ${locator_time}    Scroll Element Into View    xpath://*[(text() = "${item_label}" ) and (@role = "presentation")]
    Wait Until Element Is Visible    xpath://*[(text() = "${item_label}" ) and (@role = "presentation")]
    Mouse Over    xpath://*[(text() = "${item_label}" ) and (@role = "presentation")]
    #Wait Until Keyword Succeeds     ${locator_attempts}    ${locator_time}    Press Keys    ${xpath}    ${start_character}    ENTER
    Click element    xpath://*[(text() = "${item_label}" ) and (@role = "presentation")]
    Sleep                           ${timeToWaitDropdown}

but it requires that you send what text do you want to select

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