How to Provide Input to a Run time Object Shell Popup triggered from Robotframework

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Jul 8, 2022, 3:20:35 PMJul 8
to robotframework-users
Hi Experts,

Could anyone help me, providing input to a Object Shell Popup when a .vbs script is triggered using robot framework.

My Intension is to :
 1. Trigger a .vbs script from Ride (Done)
 2. Then Provide input to the popup window of the .vbs script (Need help in this step)

Below is the SS for Trigger  a .vbs script from Ride.


When this process is executed, a popup window opens and I need to provide input to the popup window as below (In the input bar I need to input a path).

Can anyone help me , how to handle it in robot framework ?


Tatu Aalto

Jul 8, 2022, 3:56:56 PMJul 8
to, robotframework-users

I would look at Pywinauto direction, but because that is most likely a generic popup it might be difficult to do. Therefore, most likely, it is easiest to change vsb script to accept the input as a command line argument. 

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Hernandi Krammes

Jul 9, 2022, 8:54:10 PMJul 9
to robotframework-users
I dont understand very well, bit you ant to automate the input of information inside this popup?
If so, them use Image Horizon to do that for you. It works pretry well. You will do Image matching + information input sinulating a user inputing the info on the keyboard.
If you are using windows 10 or newer, you can do the same process easily with wiiappdriver+robot-wadlibrary. it works based on xpaths, naf the same way as appium does.
Otherwise, if you want to open a pop-up, then use dialog library.
Hope that help


Jul 11, 2022, 5:53:09 AMJul 11
to robotframework-users
Hi Hern,

Thanks for your response. Yes I want to Provide input to the popup window. 
As you suggested I have installed  Image Horizon library, but there is no much info in the keyword documentation, how to use these keywords.
It would really be helpful, if you give me some examples or reference link ?



Jul 11, 2022, 8:33:09 AMJul 11
to robotframework-users
Hi Hern,

I managed to handle it using  Image Horizon library. Thanks for your suggestion.
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