Activity test with Roboelectric 4.0

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nikhilesh singh Tak

May 22, 2020, 2:37:05 AM5/22/20
to Robolectric

I am working on android library module and I want to test the standalone activity in my module. I was following the article to use roboelectric and androidx test with espresso. I recently introduced dagger 2 to my library project.

With that my Activity looks like this:

class XYZLibBaseActivity : AppCompatActivity(){

    lateinit var resourceProvider: ResourceProvider

    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
        //creating the dagger component


My component declaration is 

@Component(modules = [ResourceProviderModule::class])
interface XYZLibComponent{

    interface Factory{
        fun create(@BindsInstance application: Application):XYZLibComponent

    fun inject(xyzLibBaseActivity: XYZLibBaseActivity)

and dagger module is 

class ResourceProviderModule {

    fun provideResourceProvider(application: Application): ResourceProvider{
        return ResourceProviderImpl(application.applicationContext)


This works perfectly fine and I don't want the underlying application to use dagger 2.

Now I wan to test my activity without depending on the underlying application or application class. How can I inject mock ResourceProvider in the activity? I introduced dagger to inject mock in my test but still not able to do..

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