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Kannery Bosch

Nov 27, 2013, 4:59:09 AM11/27/13

There is a script that comes with RoboFab called -->

This script will generate up to date documentation for RoboFab. This script will make a bunch of HTML files in robofab/Documentation/robofabDoc/ 
It collects all docstrings, shows classes, methods and functions. This script uses pydoc. The results of this script depend on the environment you run it in.

I would love to use this with Frederik's RoboFont to generate the RoboFont related documentation. But how? Does the script need to be modified?

There seems to be some FontLab specific code in the script, this I am not interested in, can it be changed to RoboFont specific -->

# this is a list of FontLab specific modules that need to be documented
import robofab.objects.objectsFL
import robofab.pens.flPen

Thanks for any tips about generating documentation for RoboFont!


Mathieu Christe

Nov 27, 2013, 5:14:09 AM11/27/13
Hi Kannery,

Just in case you're looking for a RoboFont documentation:

For the coding part, I won't be very helpful unfortunately.

Good luck,


Frederik Berlaen

Nov 27, 2013, 5:40:52 AM11/27/13

thanks Mathieu, 
to be more specific all additional roboFab APIs can be found here

good luck!

gr Frederik

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Kannery Bosch

Dec 2, 2013, 8:25:58 AM12/2/13
Thanks for the tips Mathieu and Frederik - I'm just looking to get the full documentation for RoboFab and RoboFont - and I thought generating it from the source would result in the most complete information on all the methods and attributes - one never seems to know if some needed bit has been left out of hand written documentation.

The script does generate a well structured and color blocked "User Guide" in an HTML format. This can also be output to PDF and can be pretty useful. But of course the script is wagering that the source coder has included well written comments.

I was mainly looking for the new RoboFont specific techniques to replace the old FontLab ones, for example, to get at the glyph index:

print 'Glyph ID 4:', font.glyphOrder[4] #THE ROBOFONT WAY

print 'Glyph ID 4:', font.glyphs[4] # OLD FONTLAB WAY

I'm starting to get the hang of the RoboFont way and it seems pretty cool. But I do come up with questions. I tried to join the RoboFont forums a couple of times over the last year but did not get a reply from the sign up robot. If there is an alternative way to join, I would love to start participating in the RoboFont community. If you see this Frederik, maybe you can send me a suggestion on gaining access to

Kannery Bosch  ((at))

Frederik Berlaen

Dec 2, 2013, 9:29:39 AM12/2/13
He Kannery

Never used the `font.glyphs` :)

an other option to get all robofab callbacks in RoboFont:

import pydoc
from mojo.UI import HelpWindow

doc = pydoc.HTMLDoc()

html = doc.document(RFont)

(will mail you offlist for the getting forum access, to much spam....)

gr Frederik

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