Trouble Matching STARSolo to CellRanger with 10X Multiome v1

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Molly H

May 2, 2023, 5:48:55 PM5/2/23
to rna-star

Hi everyone, 

I’m having trouble matching my STARSolo results to CellRanger-arc-2.0.0 on the 3’ Gene Expression portion from samples run on 10X Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression v1 with introns included. The command I am running is: 

STAR --soloType CB_UMI_Simple --soloCBwhitelist /home/m7/software/737K-arc-v1.txt --readFilesCommand zcat --genomeDir /home/m7/software/STAR_arcgenome --readFilesIn /expanse/projects/qstore/csd686/raw_data/HuBMAP_single_cell_nucleus/SC2100044_SC2100048_Fetal-B-3076-pB-Snf-F1/fastq/SC2100044_GT21-13145_TGATGATTCA-CGACTCCTAC_S1_L001_R2_001.fastq.gz /expanse/projects/qstore/csd686/raw_data/HuBMAP_single_cell_nucleus/SC2100044_SC2100048_Fetal-B-3076-pB-Snf-F1/fastq/SC2100044_GT21-13145_TGATGATTCA-CGACTCCTAC_S1_L001_R1_001.fastq.gz --soloCBstart 1 --soloCBlen 16 --soloUMIstart 17 --soloUMIlen 12 --clipAdapterType CellRanger4 --outFilterScoreMin 30 --soloCBmatchWLtype 1MM_multi_Nbase_pseudocounts --soloUMIfiltering MultiGeneUMI_CR --soloUMIdedup 1MM_CR --outFileNamePrefix /expanse/lustre/projects/csd686/m7/SC2100044_GT21/ --soloFeatures GeneFull --outSAMattributes NH HI nM AS CR UR CB UB GX GN sS sQ sM --outSAMtype BAM SortedByCoordinate --limitOutSJcollapsed 2000000 --soloCellFilter EmptyDrops_CR

While the sequencing estimates are comparable, I am getting very different numbers of counts from the cells section from CellRanger to STARSolo. In CellRanger, I see: 

Estimated number of cells: 5132, Mean raw reads per cell: 69,208.51Fraction of transcriptomic reads in cells: 89.4%, Median UMI counts per cell: 1078, Median genes per cell: 686, total genes detected: 28,550.

However, in STARSolo, I see: 

Estimated Number of Cells: 2352, Unique Reads in Cells Mapped to GeneFull: 147773780, Fraction of Unique Reads in Cells: 0.71642, Mean Reads per Cell: 62828, Median Reads per Cell: 42592, UMIs in Cells: 6764737, Mean UMI per Cell: 2876, Median UMI per Cell: 1973, Mean GeneFull per Cell: 1410, Median GeneFull per Cell: 1146, Total GeneFull Detected: 27409.

Thank you in advance!


Alexander Dobin

May 2, 2023, 5:58:09 PM5/2/23
to rna-star
Hi Mo H,

The good agreement between CellRanger and STARsolo was only checked for 3' single-cell protocols.

Mo H

May 2, 2023, 6:49:33 PM5/2/23
to rna-star
Hi Alex,

Thanks for the clarification! Can you please suggest additional flags or parameters that we can use in STARSolo to make it more similar to CellRanger? The following links I consulted seem to suggest that 10X Multiome is the same or pretty similar to 3' single cell sequencing: and

Thanks again! 
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