[Meetings] [Call for Papers] Deadline Extension — Workshop on Semantic Reasoning and Goal Understanding in Robotics (RSS SemRob 2024)

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Jonathan Francis

Jun 8, 2024, 12:10:43 AMJun 8
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Call for Papers: RSS 2024 Workshop on Semantic Reasoning and Goal Understanding in Robotics (RSS SemRob 2024)

Workshop website: https://semrob.github.io/#callpapers

Contact email: semrob....@gmail.com

Paper submission deadline (extended)3 June 2024 10 June 2024, 23:59 AOE

Author notifications: 24 June 2024
Camera-ready submission deadline: 1 July 2024, 23:59 AOE

Workshop date: 19 July 2024

Workshop location: Delft, Netherlands (RSS 2024)


We are delighted to invite you to submit your papers to the 1st Workshop on Semantic Reasoning and Goal Understanding in Robotics (SemRob), which will be held at the 20th Robotics Science and Systems conference (RSS 2024), in Delft, Netherlands, on 19 July 2024. 

This workshop intends to sponsor discussion of new hybrid methodologies—those that combine representations from robotics foundation models with modeling mechanisms that may prove useful for semantic reasoning and abstract goal understanding, including neural memory mechanisms, cognitive architectures, neuro-symbolic representations (e.g., knowledge/scene graph embeddings), meta-cognitive reasoning structures (e.g., chain-of-thought reasoning), robot skill primitives and their composition, 3D world representations (e.g., NeRFs), etc.

We aim to bring together robotics researchers, engineers, and practitioners from different communities to enable avenues for interdisciplinary research on methods that could facilitate the deployment of semantics-aware and generalizable embodied agents in unstructured and dynamic real world environments. We draw our organizers, speakers, panelists, and TPC from the following (sub-)communities: Robot Learning, Embodied AI, Planning + Controls, Cognitive Robotics, Neuro-Symbolism, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Multimodal Machine Learning. We likewise intend to attract an audience from these diverse sub-communities to contribute to compelling discussions.

Topics of Interest

In addition to the RSS 2024 subject areas, we especially invite paper submissions on various topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Learning semantically-rich and generalizable robot state representations 

  • Learning general goal representations, e.g., in instruction-following 

  • Reasoning mechanisms for generalization in open-vocabulary contexts

  • Leveraging foundation models for robotics tasks; efforts to create robotics-specific foundation models

  • Foundation model agent frameworks, e.g., for chain-of-thought reasoning, self-guidance, reasoning about failures, policy-refinement, etc.

  • Multimodal tokens and prompt mechanisms with foundational models for robotics tasks

  • Grounding foundation models with other modalities (e.g., haptics, audio, IMU signals, joint torques, etc.)

  • Combining foundation models with AI reasoning structures (e.g., neuro-symbolic structures, memory, cognitive architectures, etc.), for robotics tasks

  • Data-efficient concept learning for robotics, e.g., few-shot demonstrations, interactive perception, co-simulation, etc.

Submission Guidelines

RSS SemRob 2024 suggests a 4+N or 8+N paper length format, without strict page length requirements; we will use the official LaTeX or Word templates, provided by RSS 2024.

RSS SemRob 2024 will not have archival proceedings, allowing authors to also submit their works to future conferences or journals.

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