[CfP] 2nd AI Olympics with RealAIGym: Robotics Competition at IROS 2024 - Join Now!

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Jun 8, 2024, 12:10:49 AMJun 8
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Dear all,


We are excited to announce the 2nd AI Olympics with RealAIGym, a competition focused on advancing artificial intelligence and robotics, taking place at IROS 2024. We invite motivated students and researchers in AI, machine learning, reinforcement learning, optimal control, and related areas to participate in this unique challenge.


Visit our website https://ai-olympics.dfki-bremen.de for more details.


The AI Olympics focuses on advancing the field of agile real-robot control by providing a set of standard dynamic tasks on classical underactuated robotic platforms, such as the Acrobot and Pendubot. Participants will first work in simulation, and the top 4 teams will be selected to carry out experiments on the real robots. The challenge aims to improve the athletic intelligence of robots, stimulate algorithmic advancements, and facilitate reproducibility in robotics and reinforcement learning communities. Participants will compete on the RealAIGym leaderboards https://dfki-ric-underactuated-lab.github.io/real_ai_gym_leaderboard/.

This time, the focus is not only on achieving the best scores but also on achieving robustness to randomized external disturbances during the execution. So, prepare your controllers for dealing with nastier dynamics!


To express your interest and receive email updates about the challenge, click here: [Expression of Interest for Participation] (https://forms.gle/5mFy64TR9rUvD4RC6).


Key Dates:

·       Competition Announcement: 7 June

·       Simulation Stage: 16 June – 15 Aug

·       Hardware Stage: 1 Sept – 30 Sept

·       Meeting at IROS 2024: 14 Oct – 18 Oct



The competition winners will have the opportunity to win prizes worth $2500 combined! 


Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your skills, learn from experts in the field, and contribute to the advancement of AI and robotics. We look forward to your participation in the AI Olympics at IROS 2024!


Best regards,

Shivesh Kumar, Boris Belousov, Dennis Mronga, Jan Peters, Frank Kirchner


*Please feel free to forward this email to any colleagues, students, or groups who may be interested in participating in the AI Olympics.
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