[Competition] Driving SMARTS competition @ NeurIPS 2022

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Aug 25, 2022, 5:06:42 PMAug 25
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Driving SMARTS Competition at NeurIPS 2022

 This competition seeks to advance autonomous driving by developing agents that can drive as quickly and safely as possible from the start to destination amid background traffic. Data for the competition consists of large-scale naturalistic driving data replayed within SMARTS simulation environment. The following typical driving scenarios are tested: cruising, overtaking, merging, left turns at unsignalized intersections and being cut off by another vehicle. These scenarios are mined from the naturalistic data, manipulated and replayed in SMARTS. For some scenarios, interactive background vehicles are added in SMARTS.

Agents will be ranked according to metrics on safety and comfort (smoothness and safe driving), task completion (% of completed scenarios), traffic rule violation, and completion time.


Competition tracks

There are two tracks in the competition.

Track 1: The participants may use any method and training data to develop their solutions.

Track 2: The participants are only allowed to train their methods on the offline datasets.


Competition timeline

•             Aug. 1, 2022: competition opens.

•             Nov. 1, 2022: competition closes at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

•             Nov. 5, 2022: finalists will be announced and will be asked to submit their code and models for evaluation for track 2.

•             Nov. 15, 2022: winning teams announced.



Top participants in each track will receive the following prizes:

•             Gold US$6000

•             Silver US$4000

•             Bronze US$2000


Additional prizes:

•             US$1000 for the most innovative approach out of top-6 entries in both tracks

•             US$1000 given to one of the valid submissions not in top-3 positions in either track


For more information regarding the rules and how to participate please refer to the competition website:


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