FoxFi: Turn your phone into a FREE wireless hotspot

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Mar 3, 2012, 2:48:55 PM3/3/12
Now that I've managed to get my disgust with a certain corporation out of my system, let us not bring them up in this thread.  Instead, let's focus on the good and the awesome!

Eager to find an alternative to PDANet and EasyTether that didn't require rooting my phone (yeah, we can talk about phone rooting in another thread), I found a new program on the Android market that offers free wireless tethering also known as wireless hotspot.  As much as Verizon boasts how the Droid series of smartphones can do wireless hotspot, they haven't been very honest as to the cost of using the fact that it is not a free service, at least not through them anyway.  Hence you have programs that allow you to do this for free.  Some of which require you to root the phone and void the parts of your contract that allows for you to replace the phone if it is ever damaged.  (If I actually made some money, perhaps I could actually afford to void the warranty.  Until then, I prefer to play it safe especially since my phone was stolen last year.)  For everyone else who like to cover there ass in the event of disaster, there is FoxFi. (

FoxFi is like turning your phone into a router. You can even set up a name and password (WPA) for the device so your computer or tablet can connect to the phone.  There is one pitfall with this and that is that the signal is very strong.  Like I found out yesterday that I could use it two rooms over and it still had a signal.  I think in the effort to conserve energy (and possibly your twig and berries if it is in your pocket), they should add a setting to turn down the strength of the signal.)

The thing I need to figure out with it is whether I should put any garlic or onion software on the phone or if it should be on my computer and tablet instead.  This has been a question I've had with regular routers, especially with other things like setting up VNC without compromizing privacy and security.

Like I said in a few threads eariler: this is a very busy weekend for me.
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