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Mar 30, 2011, 11:15:08 PM3/30/11
to RiverSpace
I'm surprised that Google Groups hasn't added a calendar feature to
groups yet. I can't blame them because they still have to support the
Usenet groups (which I feel are being swept under the rug despite
being a critical resource for any good hacker/programmer). Regardless,
I plan on getting that set up by the end of the week.

Riverspace will eventually set up shop on FreeNode. With any luck,
#riverspace should still be an available channel to use on FreeNode.
I would encourage the use of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) if mailbox
storage is limited. Besides, I like chatting with a live person.

Anything else this groups needs?

Oren Beck

Mar 31, 2011, 12:12:00 AM3/31/11
Oren Beck

Perhaps a "Virtual Newsreader" simulating PINE?

There's a larger set of projects some folks are independently working
on that welds together "dial BBS" tech with FidoNet and local Mesh
interfacing. Essentially trying to make a literally independent of
"the Internet" network of networks. Inherently resistant to any "Kill
Switch" or just simple backhoe fiber cuts.

And we, the real Hackers are doing this quietly and often unremarked
upon. Nodes with no SSID that pour an 18 inch beam into a 10 foot dish
across paths of single miles or less. Not for evil, just partly for
fun/proof-of-concept and a mindset of "having it and hoping to never
need it" so to speak.

I have one such demo where I am aiming a "flat plate" across a lake to
hit a box stock DWL-900 in repeater mode. Base AP creating local
cloud around the repeater.

Envision a "virtual Geocache" that's the spot beam where you can fire
up wireless tools to hunt for a node:}

And flying some of those from tethered kites or LTA stuff.

Riverspace being essentially a "virtual" for now makes it Karma
Incarnate to host/coordinate such work..

Eastern Standard Tribe rewritten for Central?


Mar 31, 2011, 12:28:30 AM3/31/11
to riverspacestl
I like the idea. But perhaps a YouTube video would explain this concept more easily.

I've been meaning to get a mail program set up on my netbook (Ubuntu 10.10) for a while to read my Gmail account, since gcalcli ( can show a text version of Google calendar and IRSSI ( allows me to do IRC in the console.  But there is a lot of stuff that needs to be configured to get the mail program set up.  On top of that I don't know if I should use mail or mutt for a text based email client.


Mar 31, 2011, 1:13:05 AM3/31/11
to RiverSpace STL
So if anyone knows how to register an IRC channel on FreeNode, it
would be much obliged if you could share a link to that information as
I'm calling it a night. #riverspacestl seems like a good spot to pick
out. Perhaps this weekend I'll show off some code examples either here
or at my Tumblr website (
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