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Mar 30, 2011, 11:08:41 PM3/30/11
to RiverSpace
Hello! And welcome to RiverSpace, a hackerspace for North St. Louis
County, Missouri and Vicinity, established March 30, 2011 in
Florissant, Missouri.

RiverSpace is a group of Makers, Hackers, Doers, Activists, and at
times Sh*t-disturbers. Membership is open to anyone 18 or older
regardless of race, gender, orientation, creed, ideology, political
support, disability or ability, employment status, or skill set.
(There is probably some other non-discrimination terms but what ever.)

Members are entitled to their opinions so as long as they can discuss
them with civility and temperance.

Eventually there will be a more extensive list of rules, but for now,
we only exist in cyberspace at the moment.

I'd like to find someplace that has a greenhouse as well as a place to
set up a workshop, library, and hacklab. But we don't have any of
those in North County, and certainly none that lie near a major bus
route like the #47 North Hanley Metrobus for example. Although I won't
rule out the #75 Lilac-Hanley or #61 Chambers routes.

For now the home office is in Florissant. Eventually, depending on
where most of the users are, the proposed headquarters might move
somewhere more south. Just don't expect this hackerspace to move to
Pine Lawn or North St. Louis City.

Hackerspacing is not limited to computer hacking, programming, or
software security. Crafting, woodworking, metalbending,
circuitbending, electronics, creative gardening, alternative energy
development, amateur radio, modding, and other skills may fit into

For a more in-depth detail about what hackerspacing is, visit
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