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Aug 7, 2009, 6:49:38 AM8/7/09
to river...@googlegroups.com
Was just checking in to see if the mailing list was up... and to ask if
anyone wanted to join in on a small project. A young animator with dreams
of having his own animated series would like voice actors for his demo reel.
I'm already offering, so I figured I'd ask who else might be interested.

I'm not going to link to his FurAffinity page (not everything he does is
family-friendly), but his business page is clean:


His dream project is a furry superhero series: G.E. Predators. The G.E.
stands for... no, not General Electric. Leave the brass out of it. ;)
Genetically Engineered. It's the addition of human DNA to the furs that
gives them their powers, aiding them in their fight against the evil
reptilian King Sethrophe and his wolf lieutenants, Gargan and Blackguard.

(Gargan and Blackguard, he has pointed out, aren't evil themselves; they're
just loyal. If the G.E. Predators were on their side tomorrow, they'd have
no problem with it.)

Other series ideas he's posted:

Primal Warrior: A man transformed into a human/liger hybrid by a magical
sword, using its power to rescue his family from an archfiend.

Book of a Million Stories: For the younger set. Adventures in a land of
imagination, as a brother and sister meet their friends Buko the Lion, Kronk
the Crocodile, and Rufus the (portly) Wolf.

He's pretty good.

Yours truly,

The checking-in,


Where am I going? I don't quite know.
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Anywhere! Anywhere! *I* don't know!
-- a. a. milne, *On A Spring Day*

Curtis Palmer

Aug 8, 2009, 2:01:33 PM8/8/09
to river...@googlegroups.com
--- On Fri, 8/7/09, Wanderer <wand...@gaiges.net> wrote:
> Was just checking in to see if the mailing list was up...
> and to ask if
> anyone wanted to join in on a small project.

I guess I should have written back right away...but it was late when I read your message. Yeah, I think that might be fun...just depends on how soon we'd be doing it, seeing as how right now I'm overseas and I only have my laptop for recording. There's a possibility I could borrow a better microphone but I can't count on that just yet. Keep us posted.

Ashen Fox


Aug 8, 2009, 5:27:06 PM8/8/09
to river...@googlegroups.com

No problem on the delay, Ashen -- and that does fur everyone else, too. I
was just a little anxious, since one of my other mailing lists is currently
offline. I shouldn't let my angst be your annoyance. :)

Well, that's three of us total -- four, if Benny wants in -- so I'll e-mail
him back and let him know. There's nothing definite yet, though, which is a
good thing fur me; my nephew's killed two microphone headsets in the past
week, so I'll need to pick up a new mic myself.

Er, but refresh my memory, so I can tell him: I know my vocal range, but
what are yours?


Aug 27, 2009, 1:30:51 AM8/27/09
to river...@googlegroups.com
Okay, the artist is ready to start casting voices. Send a short voice demo
(mp3 format preferred, in this case) to:


Use the Subject line, "Voice Sample". These samples will be used to cast
you, so be sure to show him what you can do!

Yours truly,

The organizing,

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