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Sep 1, 2016, 4:02:12 PM9/1/16

Like I mentioned before, this is not my ideal solution to the world banking and currency problems but it's something if nothing else of an experiment in the right direction.

 After a few weeks we have something fairly decent working.  It runs on top of telegram as a chat bot and leverages their menus and icons for a more user friendly interface.

I really believe in the ripple idea and concept but have not liked the way the direction that that latest incarnations of Ripple have been going.  Mostly the need of XRPs and similar crypto currencies that you still need to buy and that over complicate things for the average user.

The idea here is that Telegram is a light fast application that runs on all dumb smart phones as well as Desktops, Mac, Windows and Linux.  So near all have instant access to it.

The current implementation of  the IOU  System I believe is fairly feature rich.
IOUs can be Issued, Requested, Accepted, Declined, Closed, Rated.  User have credit scores calculated based on ratings. Multiple currencies/commodities/favors.  Reports for Recent IOU Actions, Open IOUs, IOUs per contact, Closed IOUs, Paging though IOU lists... etc.

Only in English now but Spanish is next as well as community web-based translation system that will let us quickly add multiple languages using

The plan is to incorporate ripple like features next and also an IOU consolidation system for consolidating IOUs after the fact which also will ripple through trust connections.

It has a built in Interactive Demo for sending test IOUs to for you to test with without knowing anyone else in the system.  This gives you a very good feel for how it operates.

As it stands now, this is already useful to our small community.  

If anyone else here is interesting in trying it out or providing feedback let me know.

In the telegram bot store

Direct link if you already have Telegram installed.


Alessio Stalla

Sep 1, 2016, 5:32:41 PM9/1/16
This is great, thanks! I've just played a little with it. I see a lot of potential esp. in those communities where bandwidth and powerful devices are scarce.

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