"ringo-microservice" = my bootstrap code for a RESTful JSON micro service

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Darren Cruse

Jul 29, 2016, 1:50:29 PM7/29/16
to RingoJS
This is another github repo I've just put up - this time it's a kind of reference app for doing JSON RESTful services using command line Ringo with embedded jetty 
(i.e. using Ringo alone not like my other "Springo" repo where you include Ringo on top of a Spring MVC app).

From the README:

This is a project skeleton for building a microservice using RingoJS.
It assumes your microservice exposes RESTful JSON endpoints for doing CRUD
operations on entities persisted to a relational database.
To support this it provides examples and hooks for using:
* command line ringo using embedded jetty
* MySQL via JDBC
* JSON request/response payload validation using JSON Schema
* easy per environment configuration (i.e. dev/cert/prod settings)
* enforcement of standard format JSON responses (even when exceptions occur)
* ability to emulate PUT/POST/DELETE using GET for ease of testing
* logging via log4j
* (optional) ip authentication of clients

As with the other code this has not been tested with the latest version of ringo it started as an experiment that formed the basis of a production app (which added features and code beyond what you see in this repo).

If someone wants to use this code I'm imagining they'll do the same - simply copy this code and make it their own.

(atm I don't imagine enhancing this or reorganizing it into reusable packages)

As before if someone does find it useful I'd be happy to hear at darren...@gmail.com

(as with the Springo repo I include in the intro an explanation of the history behind the code and the rationale behind it that you might enjoy even if you don't use it).


Simon Oberhammer

Nov 16, 2016, 8:01:32 AM11/16/16
to RingoJS
thanks for the announcement. looks interesting as it is :)

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