"springojs" = my code for using Spring and Ringo together

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Darren Cruse

Jul 29, 2016, 12:18:43 PM7/29/16
to RingoJS
Hi guys just an FYI I've created a github repo with some of the code I wrote to help with using Spring MVC and RingoJS together in a single app...

The crux of the approach was where I'd created a servlet *filter* to run RingoJS code before/after/instead of Spring MVC "controller" java code.

This was where we'd evolved a legacy app already using Spring MVC to also use server side javascript with Ringo.

There's some middleware and utilities as well e.g. there's a "springcontext" javascript module we used to "inject" spring beans by name into our Ringo javascript modules, and there's a java class I'd written to help with invoking ringo javascript code from java code. 
To be honest I put this up quickly just because I'm between jobs and wanted to refer to this code as part of my "github resume" so to speak...

It's actually based on code that used an older version of ringo I didn't take time to upgrade it.

And I'm doubtful (e.g. based on the lack of traffic on this google group!) anybody will actually use this...

But if I'm wrong and somebody wants to please email me at darren...@gmail.com and I can make more of an effort to dot the i's and cross the t's and properly test this...

(I felt inspired to put this up after attending a Groovy on Grails presentation earlier this week where I said to myself "you know what we did with Ringo and Spring compares favorably esp. considering we were already using Javascript in the browser anyway!")

Since the repo needed a name I called it "SpringoJS" = "Spring" + "RingoJS".

Note I included a fairly long blog style intro explaining our (positive) experiences using Ringo in this way on our project.  Some of you might enjoy reading that even if you don't read the rest.


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