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Sean Con

Aug 3, 2022, 3:57:21 PMAug 3
to The Ring Programming Language
Hi all

Last time I asked for some help on Ring on Arch linux. So far, that thread is inactive, so I tried to continue on my own.

I have isolated a few issues.

I modified the PKGBUILD file made by iip.uma...@gmail.com from 2018. My new PKGbuild is attached.

Running this file, i get this error :

  • ln: die symbolische Verknüpfung '/home/monsoon/Software/ringlang/pkg/ring-lang-git/usr/bin/ring' konnte nicht angelegt werden: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
Translation :

ln : the symbolic link  '/..../pkg/ring-lang-git/usr/bin/ring' can't be created. file or directory not found.

So I followed the install scripts. I could come to this :

if [ -f ../lib/libring.so ];
ln -sf "`pwd`/ring" /home/monsoon/Software/ringlang/pkg/ring-lang-git/usr/bin/ring

ln -sf "`pwd`/ring2exe" /home/monsoon/Software/ringlang/pkg/ring-lang-git/usr/bin/ring2exe

ln -sf "`pwd`/folder2qrc" /home/monsoon/Software/ringlang/pkg/ring-lang-git/usr/bin/folder2qrc

ln -sf "`pwd`/ringpm" /home/monsoon/Software/ringlang/pkg/ring-lang-git/usr/bin/ringpm

ln -sf "`pwd`/ringrepl" /home/monsoon/Software/ringlang/pkg/ring-lang-git/usr/bin/ringrepl

cd ..
ln -sf "`pwd`/lib/libring.so" /home/monsoon/Software/ringlang/pkg/ring-lang-git/usr/lib
ln -sf "`pwd`/lib/libring.so" /home/monsoon/Software/ringlang/pkg/ring-lang-git/usr/lib64

This is called here :

cd ../../bin

So i looked at the location, and it seems that all the stuff it is trying to link are under ../tools , and not under ../bin

Can anyone tell me, if the stuff under "tools" is really the stuff I need? Or are they the wrong binaries? Thank you.

PS: I am downloading ring from github. Thank you again. All help is appreciated.


Aug 3, 2022, 5:18:02 PMAug 3
to The Ring Programming Language
Hello Sean,

welcome to the Ring lang group. Unfortunately,  you came asking such questions at the time Ring maintainer is out of the office (on vacation till end of the month).

We (rest of us) use binary distributions, we don't compile Ring distributions, except binaries, but that is mostly related to the ring2exe tool. 

May I ask, where did you find PKGBUILD and installpkg.sh?


Aug 3, 2022, 5:27:54 PMAug 3
to The Ring Programming Language
Hello Sean,

BTW, you should follow language/README_UbuntuLinux.md or language/README_FedoraLinux.md instructions for installation, many things could change since 2018.

Sean Con

Aug 3, 2022, 11:25:58 PMAug 3
to The Ring Programming Language


Thank you so much for replying.

It is in this group. If I search PKGBUILD, that is the only other message that shows up besides this thread.

I will wait, no problem,until the maintainer comes back to office.

Sean Con

Aug 3, 2022, 11:27:34 PMAug 3
to The Ring Programming Language
Ps. Install.sh is in latest source in the github repo. The PKGBUILD creates it's own sh script during installation. 


Aug 4, 2022, 6:48:41 AMAug 4
to The Ring Programming Language

from what I can see, original PKGBUILD is based on Manjaro which is Arch based. It should work (including your changes).

You should create (by the PKGBUILD ) bin directory if doesn't exists, but this directory exists in the Ring repo (Git).
PKGBUILD calls buildgcc producing Ring executable (in bin dir), but I don't see tools in the build list.
Check Ubuntu/Fedora installation instructions, from there you can update PKBUILD to cover rests.
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