Ring 1.0.0 released

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James Reeves

Dec 11, 2011, 6:16:00 PM12/11/11
to ring-c...@googlegroups.com
Hello all,

Ring 1.0.0 has now been released, almost three years since Mark pushed
the first commit. In that time, Ring has become the de facto standard
for building web applications in Clojure.

For those of you who have been using the release candidates, there
won't be many surprises. But for those who are still using 0.3.11,
there are a few significant changes, including:

- Customizable storage back-ends for multipart file uploads
- ring.middleware.reload now automatically reloads modified source files
- ring.middleware.static has been removed
- Numerous bug fixes

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to Ring over the past three
years, and thanks especially to Mark McGranaghan, who created Ring in
the first place.

The next version of Ring should be out sometime in the first quarter of 2012.

- James

Nicolas Buduroi

Dec 11, 2011, 11:07:15 PM12/11/11
to Ring
Congratulation! Ring is probably the best library of its kind across
all languages in my humble opinion.

Chris Granger

Dec 12, 2011, 12:00:33 AM12/12/11
to Ring

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do in this space. Only
because of your efforts is a lot of Clojure web stuff even in
existence, including everything I do. Congrats on 1.0.0 and I'm
excited to see how the ecosystem grows on top of the solid foundation
you've helped provide for it :)


Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant

Dec 12, 2011, 8:17:36 AM12/12/11
to ring-c...@googlegroups.com
Big thanks to James and Mark, congratulations!



Dec 13, 2011, 10:30:33 AM12/13/11
to Ring
Many thanks for this great software; congrats on the 1.0.0.
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